What should we do?

There's a reason we borrow from military terms when describing business goals, especially where technology is concerned. The art of the general is the art and science of making decisions with limited information and resources, seeing all possible outcomes, separating what matters from the noise, and winning by focusing on goals. Experience helps. I've got loads.

A graduate of Reed College, I pursue first principles doggedly, beginning every project as if it were an academic exercise, examining every aspect of a project and considering it in a historical and social context, because it's not enough to have a good idea, to be the first or to have best technology, you also need to take the big picture into account. My strategy process includes:

  • identifying the problem at hand
  • performing a thorough market analysis, vis-à-vis the problem, including:
    • placing the business proposition relative to the zeitgeist
    • finding key evidence to support the proposition from a social perspective
    • identification of potential partners and competitors
    • exploring existing and emerging technologies that can be used to address the problem
    • conceiving of new technologies to fill in gaps
  • extracting business opportunity scenarios from technology inventions
  • finding key human resources for the project
  • exposing risks, and creating risk reduction scenarios
  • finally, a three-tiered development plan, for the immediate, near, and long terms
  • and also some exit scenarios

from Greek strategia
the art of a general