case study - sefaira

The challenge for this project was to take the founders' ideas for a revolutionary new approach to providing energy analysis. While great idea is always a good start, going from concept to product is a whole 'nother story.

I was enlisted for my past expertise in designing and implementing advanced-technology projects that combined highly-interactive thin clients with complex, transactional applications and rich data sources.

I led the architecture and planning of a system that combines multiple, disparate technologies into a patented, unified architecture that provides real-time energy analysis. This is accomplished by:

  • Ingesting 3-D models of buildings into a cloud storage system
  • Extracting geometric data from 3-D/CAD models to provide analyzable vector points.
  • Using geolocation data to provide localized data required to perform energy-use analysis such as rainfall, solar positioning, energy and building materials costs.
  • Providing a rich interface that allows for real-time changes in the building's model through a web browser.
  • Distributing calculations across a cloud-based analysis system

The result for the company led to the filing of several patents for our innovative work, as well as a $10M first round of investment.

Services provided:

  • Stakeholder interviews
  • Competitive analysis
  • Technology evaluation
  • Multi-year technology strategy
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Proof-of-concept prototyping
  • Technology leadership through Alpha and Beta phases
  • Hands-on develoment:
    • Java Development
    • JavaScript/AJAX Development
    • Ruby Development
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