case study - westcon group

Westcon Group, the $4B the world's leading specialty hardware distributor, recognized a shift in hardware distribution and sales from a feature-focused business, driven by the IT department to one that's now driven by C-level executives charged with solving enterprise business issues through technology. It began by driving its marketing and interactions with its hardware resellers in a new direction.

Re-branding in hand, Westcon needed a way to present their message in a way that was globally unified while at the same time being locale-specific. They needed to roll out dozens of websites that all looked and functioned like part of a whole, but were controlled independently, and sometimes offered different features. Also, they needed to share data and user information, but only sometimes.

To deal with this, I devised a multi-year strategy to build a platform for its solutions websites in a short amount of time by customizing existing open-source technology to fit its immediate needs and budget.

With proof of concept in hand, rapid adoption and acceptance from its resellers, the second stage of the plan was put in place: a bespoke J2EE CMS was built to meet the demands of a system that would grow to support over one hundred websites 15 divisions, and every major regional market across the world.

Consolidation of a global web infrastructure provided immediate six-figure cost savings, and provided an agile and flexible platform that continues to meet Westcon Groups global needs.

Technology was just part of the solution, however. As part of the provided solution, I worked with Westcon to create a federated approach to innovation, support, and spending where the entire enterprise benefited from spending at the corporate and regional level, allowing regional divisions to bypass the inertia of the core global development queue, innovating and providing for their own needs without ever having to 'go rogue'.

The ability to foresee and plan for Westcon's technological and corporate-structural needs, and to execute on those plans at a hands-on tactical level are the hallmark of my work.

Services provided:

  • Stakeholder interviews
  • Technology Assessment
  • Infrastructure procurement and management
  • Multi-year technology strategy
  • Corporate technology innovation process creation
  • Bespoke CMS development, with features including:
    • Mutli-website support (over 100 websites running concurrently)
    • SEO-friendly URLs
    • Multi-language support
    • Role-based access
    • Document management
    • Calendering & Event management
    • News & Press release management
    • Single-Sign on integration with community platform
    • Advertising platform integration
    • Analytics integration with WebTrends
  • Development
    • Java (spring / hibernate /struts)
    • PHP
    • Ruby on Rails
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